Wednesday 4 September 2019

Pycella's Friendship Song

The road of life is long
But don't feel scared
I'll guide you all the way
Until the end
So take my little hand
And let me show
All wonders of the world
And even more

Let's cross the fields of green
Where wind flows free
Let's explore the oldest woods
Of enchanted trees
No need to feel afraid
I'm by your side
Guarding our way through both day and night

We share a strong friendship
That conquers all dangers
It's rooted deep in our hearts
The road goes through the darkness
But we bring the light
Much brighter than all the stars

Once you where so alone
Hid in your shell
Even when it was safe
You felt unwell
But now you've found your strength
And yourself too
It's time to cheer while pipes of joy toot

(at this point, the Badgers start to toot very loudly)

At last we found our place
In this big world
The journey led us here
To our real home
Let's share these happy days
The life of peace
And cherish all of our lovely memories

Even when our story ends
I won't leave you
My song will echo through the evening air
I will forever stay inside your heart
That way we never will truly part

We'll never part
We'll never part
We'll never part

About the song

This is maybe my favourite tune in the Brandy Badgers songpack. I first wrote it for the Badgers' rehearsal with a Blackmore's Night theme. It is sung to the melody of Village Lantern.

Blackmore's Night – Village Lantern

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