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Welcome to rummage through my hobbity writings! I am Pycella Woodberry, a young hobbit lass who runs a pie shop in the Shire and loves stories. I have written a few myself during the years, and I have also scribbled some poems and songs as well. They mostly deal with hobbity things, like pies, farming, mischievous garden dwarves, silly romances… You might have heard some of my tales and songs at the weekly Green Dragon Fridays. But if you haven’t, just look into this archive and see what you can find, pour yourself a tea, pick a pie from the larder, sit down comfily by the fireplace, and enjoy the tale. Oh, and I have also dumped some other fun stuff here, like recipes, games, articles and so on. If you would like to contact me, just send a message by Quickpost to pycellawoodberry (a) gmail.com. You can also follow what the birds tweet about me.


This is an archive for writings by a hobbit roleplayer, Pycella. You can meet her in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) game on the Laurelin server. These stories have been inspired by the works of Tolkien and LOTRO in-game events. If you feel interested in our friendly hobbit roleplayer community, feel free to roll a hobbit character and visit us in the Green Dragon on Fridays. For other news and gossip about our community, please take a look at the Bramblebury Gazette.

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