Did these writings wake up the hobbit in you? If you are interested in the hobbity way of roleplaying and starting your own story, here are some places you could visit!

Lord of the Rings Online – where your journey starts!
Grand Order of the Lost Mathom – the noticeboard of my kinship
Bramblebury Gazette – events, news and gossip about the Laurelin hobbit community
Laurelin archives – the RP portal for the Laurelin server
Lina's Biscuity Burrow – another collection of tales, songs, and other fun stuff!

Useful guidelines, tools and plugins for LOTRO roleplaying:

Official roleplay policy for LOTRO and the Code of Conduct – do not wake up the bounders
A roleplaying guide by Miss Lina – some grand advice and tips for LOTRO roleplaying
Technical tips for an event visitor – how to survive busy LOTRO events, written by Miss Lina
Songbook: the Badger Chapter – for playing ABC songs in LOTRO
Poetical – for reciting poems, telling stories, and singing songs in LOTRO
Babble – for reducing emotes in your chat

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