Thursday, 7 November 2019

The collective Yule calendar entry for 2019: show us your Yule food!

Last year, we put together a slide show of Yule tree pictures sent by members of the LOTRO community. The result was very lovely and atmospheric. So it would be nice to make a similar slide show this year as well... with Yule food!

Please send a picture of a Yule food/meal/feast. It can be an old picture from a previous Yule. Please make sure that the picture is taken/owned by you, and/or you have rights to use it. You can tell where the picture has been taken (state/country), so that we can add it to the slide show. It is always nice to see how widely spread the community is!

Please send your Yule food pictures to Pycella by Quickpost to pycellawoodberry(a) on 15th December at the latest.

(EDIT: The deadline for sending the pictures has been extended.)